Carnival of Stars

So while doing a random search for “belly dance” and “comic books” I came across several references to the Carnival of Stars Belly Dance and Comicbook Convention.

How would you like to do your holiday shopping in a pleasant atmosphere with plenty of free parking while enjoying continuous entertainment? Perhaps you would like to be an entertainer yourself by entering a costume contest in which you could win a trophy or a cash prize?, Carnival of Stars™ will definitely be a holiday gift festival with a different twist. This event promises to be a fun day of entertainment with continual live performances throughout the day for the whole family. Our international Market will feature arts and crafts, belly dance costumes, jewelry, comic books, and gifts of all kinds.

Carnival of Stars is a West Coast convention that will be in its third year this November. An interestingly strange combination that’s organized by belly dancer and belly dance instructor and comic book creator, Alexandria, The Beat quotes an article about last year’s convention/”festival” (link seems to be inactive).

Obviously, as a musician that actively performs and collaborates with belly dancers and belly dance troupes; a blogger that is interested in Said and “classical” Orientalism; and creator in the process of constructing and designing a textless comic book as liner notes for a belly dance CD the collision of the two subcultures is very interesting to me.

If I can ever find the time to blog again regularly, I just might have some things to say about all this.

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