2 thoughts on “>The Visual Linguist

  1. >I finally noticed your comment on my blog…Like most of the world these days, I broke down and started a blog. I think it first hit me with the “Manga aren’t comics” meme that I should have a place to respond to those things directly. Thanks for the link and hopefully I’ll see you blogging on here more often too!


  2. >Hah! Yeah Neil, I’m glad you did. Blogging is still a bit of a strange phenomenon to me–but it also seems somhow more personal despite it being as public as posting in forums or publishing web articles.It’s also a great way to informally post alot of your thoughts about things–and I think that type of detail can get lost in the noise of a bulletin board or ‘censored’ in more formal articles.I’m glad you started one, and always look forward to reading your thoguhts. Now if I can jsut find the time to respond to them and post on my own blog…


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