Glossary of non-Western cello techniques?

I remember reading about a book years ago that cellist, Frances-Marie Uitti (she invented a playing technique using two bows so that she could play four part polyphonic music on the cello), that would be a technical manual on alternative 20th century cello techniques. What she ended up publishing was a chapter in the Cambridge … Continue reading Glossary of non-Western cello techniques?

Practice [B]log

In the interest of charting my new found obsession with practicing, I've decided to start a "Practice [B]log." Basically after each practice session I will take notes on repertoire or techniques worked on as well as my thoughts about the practicing process or the music itself. I haven't decided whether I want it public or … Continue reading Practice [B]log

Non-Western Cello Techniques

Eventually I will blog more about using non-Western cello playing techniques. There's a whole world of music out there and finding ways to adapt those styles to the cello isn't without some precedent, but obviously it's not something that's easy to find. Until then I leave the reader with a few videos and links. A … Continue reading Non-Western Cello Techniques

Mirage Bellydancers Spring Hafla 2009

This is a prewritten blog post as I will be performing at the Mirage Bellydancers Hafla this evening with il Troubadore.  If any readers are so inclined then please come to the show for live bellydancing, live world music as only il Troubadore can provide and then a show at the Knickerbocker Saloon afterwards in … Continue reading Mirage Bellydancers Spring Hafla 2009

On programming a recital…

It's been years since I've done a recital proper.  I'd been toying with the idea for some time now--the past couple of years to be exact.  What is sad is that I haven't really had the time (still don't) to prepare for one.  I've come to realize that there's just no way that I will … Continue reading On programming a recital…

Orientalism, Kill Bill, and the “Death of the Author”

Another response to James. I was going to respond a couple of nights ago, but then my response ended up being half a dissertation and I saved it as a draft at my blog instead. Sometimes being able to easily jump from box to box means that you're less likely to stay in one to … Continue reading Orientalism, Kill Bill, and the “Death of the Author”