15,000 seat Opera Houses & The Avengers VS La Traviata

Actually, the Dallas Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, Texas, seats up to 80,000 (and up to 100,000 for special events).  On Saturday April 28, 2012 it seated approximately 15,000 Opera fans for a live simulcast performance of The Dallas Opera's production of Mozart's "The Magic Flute." The stadium hosts a state of the art HD video … Continue reading 15,000 seat Opera Houses & The Avengers VS La Traviata

Fear the Mandarin

I think Phil Yu (aka "Angry Asian Man") summarized this better than I would have. There's an interview over at CHUD.com with Jon Favreau, director of the announced Iron Man movie in the works, with some more information on the "Mandarin" character: Q: And he’s a tough character because in his original appearances he's a … Continue reading Fear the Mandarin

>Who Wants to be a Superhero?

>Is Stan "The Man" getting desperate for ideas? I'm just not so sure how a "Superhero reality show" is supposed to work...??? http://www.whowantstobeasuperhero.tv Each contestant begins with an original idea for a superhero, a self-made costume, and their best superhero mojo. From thousands of hopefuls, Stan Lee chooses the lucky finalists who move together into … Continue reading >Who Wants to be a Superhero?

Superman or ghosts?

From an old review of Richard Nisbett's book The Geography of Thought: How Asians and Westerners Think Differently . . . and Why in the Village Voice, Orienting the East: U. Michigan Psychologist Richard Nisbett Asks: Do Asians and Westerners Think Differently? by Hua Hsu (April 16-22, 2003)   In 1944, the eminent Chinese anthropologist … Continue reading Superman or ghosts?

I wanna fly like KRRISH!

So KRRISH is playing at the Georgetown in town (has been for a week now and was actually premiered the day of its release at the local IMAX where Superman Returns: An IMAX 3D Experience is supposed to be playing) and I really want to see it (even if I haven't seen Koi...Mil Gaya yet). … Continue reading I wanna fly like KRRISH!

Japanese Animation class offered at Indianapolis Art Center

  First day of class on "Japanese Animation." 3:30-5:30 p.m. today through Friday. $126-132. Indianapolis Art Center, 820 East 67th Street, Indianapolis. Information and registration, 317:255-2464. Instructor: Kris Mobley. "Youth and teen class, ages 12-16. "From Tatsunoko Productions' 'Speed racer of the 1960s' to Joe Madureira's recent Fusion style pencils in 'The Uncanny X-Men', Manga … Continue reading Japanese Animation class offered at Indianapolis Art Center


>Sadly, my brother, Oi, cannot seem to find a copy of the Tom Yum Goong comic anywhere near where he lives. It looks like I might have to order it after all. On a happier note, I will be getting a copy of the VCD from him. Why I haven't ordered this myself since its … Continue reading Capotomyumgoongeirarababidoumbek!!

Real life Superheroes in Indianapolis

So Indy now has real life Superheroes. Doktor DiscorD of Indianapolis Link via http://www.warrenellis.com Here's Doktor DiscorD's MySpace 'about me' section: About me: hi. i'm a real-life CRIME FIGHTING SUPERHERO. Some say i'm just your average schizoid antihero personality type on the verge of a mental breakdown. Some say i'm already crazy...AND YES!!!(thanks for suggesting) … Continue reading Real life Superheroes in Indianapolis