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What American Chinese Opera can tell us about the US Classical Music “Crisis”

In a previous post I discussed how a number of professional and full time Chinese Opera theaters and companies folded during the Great Depression in the US and how all the work relief… Continue reading

Musical Literacy versus Musical Fluency

A couple years ago while reading Dick Weissman’s book, Making a Living in Your Local Music Market, I blogged about the section in the book about Musical Literacy. As Weissman related some remarks… Continue reading

Cultural Omnivores must truly be dead…

The shrinking Cultural Omnivores issue is an interesting one since they functioned primarily as “swing voters” in the realm of audiences.  This sub-population tend to go to both highbrow and lowbrow events, not… Continue reading

The Pan African Orchestra

Occasionally, I do random searches for Non-Western Orchestras and came across this piece, “The Orchestra in the African Context,” by Fred Onovwerosuoke (1999). I was curious about some of the claims, since I… Continue reading

Post-Pop: Aging and Fragmentation in Pop Culture Audiences

Last week I read a New York Times piece from 1993 by Stephen Holden which talked about pop music audience fragmentation. There are some interesting tidbits such as the opening paragraph: If you… Continue reading

Borrowed materials in music or Musical Appropriation

Composer, Alex Temple, has written an interesting piece regarding borrowed material in music. I’ll quote the relevant section here: [T]he response I wound up thinking about the most is actually one that I… Continue reading

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