Mae Mai was the title of a blog that I frequently used between 2002 and 2005.  It was probably the one blog that had most of my interesting thoughts on a variety of subjects.

The phrase, Mae Mai (Thai: แม่ไม้), is from Muay Thai (Thai kickboxing) and designates the “Master Tricks” or major moves of the discipline (as opposed to the Look Mai or “Complementary Tricks”).  The term literally translates as “wood mother” or “Mother of the woods.”


  1. You have left out a new opera comp1any founded in 2009 aftee Orlando Opera closed. The Florida Opera Theatre Company


  2. Do you need more acts?
    My noise collective just finished an ep with Richard Ramirez from BLJ and also r Stevie Moore. We would love to play these tracks live. Can u help us out?

    Document and R STV nr and rr


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