Classical Music, the Perpetual Foreigner Trope, and Colonialism

So a few days ago I started a thread on twitter about Classical Music and Colonialism. I’ve never done twitter thread before–never really considered using the social media platform as a way to convey more in-depth ideas. After having spent some time this past year following a few twitter users pretty faithfully and seeing how they’ve used threads I decided I wanted to try it out. The thread has gotten mostly positive responses and shares on various social media.

It was actually an immensely interesting process. Having to decide how you want to structure the individual tweets in the thread became a bit of a dilemma. Whether each tweet should be a relatively self-contained and coherent thought, or to break a thought over two or more tweets probably has as much to do with personal preference as it does skill in being able to do either effectively.

I opted for the former and, while I’m not so sure I was entirely successful with the result, it was as satisfying to see it go live as it is to see a blog post go live (my usual mode of presentation online).

One of the more annoying features of twitter (for me at least) is how scattered discussions can get. This is one of twitter’s strengths, as well as a weakness. I don’t really want to get into a discussion about that, but what is difficult is following responses to you tweet (or thread), especially if you can’t respond to them immediately (which is part of the point of twitter?). This is the case even more-so on mobile than on a computer.

Some interesting questions, most anticipated but some novel, came up (especially about the definition of “Classical Music”) and I’ll eventually come back to most of them here at Mae Mai to elaborate. Until then, if you haven’t read the thread, click on it above or you can read an unrolled version of it here.


*Photo by Ivan Pechenyi of the National Academic Orchestra of Folk Instruments of Ukraine (NAOFI).

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