on dancing while playing the cello…

Jon Silpayamanant as Shiva before performing with his dance/music duo, Secondhand, in Newport.  March 30, 2013
Jon Silpayamanant as Shiva before performing with his dance/music duo, Secondhand, in Newport, Kentucky. March 30, 2013

Even though my first formal entry into dancing with the cello was nearly a year ago when I worked with my dance/music project, Secondhand, it was in a performance where I played the role of a cello playing Shiva. Since Shiva is the “Lord of the Dance” my role with my artistic partner, Celeste, was a counterpoint to her role as a dancing Kali.

Back in 1996 I almost took an audition with Tales & Scales, a Musictelling company which involved the musicians telling stories for children while dancing and speaking the roles of their characters–if a member/character wasn’t actively speaking or doing a demanding dance number, then the member would be playing their instrument as accompaniment to the story. Often the dancing and choreography involved playing while dancing. Cellist, David Eby, had been a company member until the ’94-’95 season and presumably – had I taken and won the audition – I would have filled his role since many of the productions are designed for the instrumentalists at hand.

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Performance: Greek Islands Hafla

If you are reading this, it’s because it was written earlier today and set to future post as I will be performing at the Greek Islands Restaurant in Indianapolis when this autoposts.  The group I’ll be playing with is one I co-founded with vocalist and mandolinist, Robert Bruce Scott, in May of 2004, il Troubadore.  Rather than give you my bad prose description of us or repost our bio from the website url I just linked, the image below, from the Indianapolis Star written by David Lindquist could just as easily condense what we’re about.

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