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Reveling in Ravel while Lost in a sea of scores…

As I search through the duo violin/cello repertoire I’m finding so many interesting gems as well as polished turds.  Not that the latter are bad things but when you’re working with others you… Continue reading

Sunday Spotlight on the Non-Western Cello: Chinese Cellos

In China, there have been many attempts at creating variations on the cello (and bass) to fill out the string section of traditional Chinese Orchestras.  The èrhú (二胡), an ancient instrument that likely… Continue reading

“The Dawn of Indian Music in the West: Bhairavi”

Found this excellent quote from Peter Lavezzoli’s book, The dawn of Indian music in the West: Bhairavi Well, Western music has been Eurocentric for hundreds of years.  When I was a student at… Continue reading

Yehudi Menuhin and Ravi Shankar

This is an oldie, but goodie.  From Menuhin’s 1979 “Music of Man” television series. Not much to post right now–been a frantically busy day, so enjoy the video!

The cello as a percussion instrument

This is going to be a quick post as I have to go teach this afternoon and then rehearse with the IU Southeast Orchestra tonight.  But I had come across what’s called a… Continue reading

Sunday Spotlight on the Non-Western Cello: Markos Sifnios, Marika Papagika and the Greek Cello

I wish I had more information about Markos Sifnios, but as there is only been a recent resurgence of interest in his collaborator Marika Papagika and I’m not in a position to be… Continue reading

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