Social Media Marketing and Diminishing Returns

John Carter could have benefited from better social media marketing, or not…

Social Media Marketing seems to be all the rage these days with folks touting online engagement and the growing number of folks using sites like twitter, facebook, and other more specialized networking sites.

Using The Hunger Games and its Marketing Campaign as a starting point, Greg Sandow talks about ways that The Met could utilize a similar approach in marketing, say, The Ring cycle.  Of course, he missed the point of my comment, which is perfectly understandable as it questioned the relevance of the overall marketing strategy used by Lionsgate for its blockbuster which wasn’t used in a similar fashion for the other nearly dozen films it’s released or distributed this year.

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15,000 seat Opera Houses & The Avengers VS La Traviata

The Dallas Opera at the Cowboy Stadium!

Actually, the Dallas Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, Texas, seats up to 80,000 (and up to 100,000 for special events).  On Saturday April 28, 2012 it seated approximately 15,000 Opera fans for a live simulcast performance of The Dallas Opera’s production of Mozart’s “The Magic Flute.”

The stadium hosts a state of the art HD video board which is apparently the largest in the world:

Hanging approximately 90 feet above the field from the roof structure, the innovative video center spans between the 20-yard lines and features four individual boards- two facing the sidelines, 160 feet wide and 72 feet tall, and two facing the end zones, 53 feet wide and 30 feet tall, totaling over 25,000 square feet of display area other in the world, a center-hung video board.

The video board, weighing approximately 600 tons, is what the audience viewed the simulcast.  The initial ticket requests (tickets were free and presented by The Dallas Foundation) reached 33,000 and had the attendee number topped the 32,000 mark this event would have surpassed the San Francisco Opera‘s Opera at the [AT&T] Ballpark production of Verdi’s “Aida” in 2010.

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