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Is this really what Classical Music needs?

I must say that I’m a little speechless right now. thad says: October 4, 2013 at 6:05 pm The question is, is the audience graying because the music is not cool enough to… Continue reading

Dothraki Love Songs and Who is Paul McCartney, anyway?

Occasionally I do weird web searches–it’s usually how I find some very interesting things that I would never have come across even while some bemoan that the net has killed browsing culture.  Sure,… Continue reading

High Entry Cost and “Retainability” of Musical Organizations

In my previous post I outlined some aspects of various performance based industries (Classical Music, Sports, Pop Music) and how audiences numbers can matter little to the largest organizations within them (Orchestras, Sports… Continue reading

The Greatest Video Game Music

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that this album is out.  Especially as many US orchestras include a concert of music from video games in their regular or pop seasons. I am pleased… Continue reading

The death of the cinematic industry…

So the last movie I went to, Thor, I was intrigued to see a table with fliers for a couple of upcoming “special events.” The two fliers were slick promos for upcoming (one… Continue reading

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