the economics of underserved audiences (part 1)

Yesterday, I posted a bit about playing for underserved audiences, or rather, my desire to play for them. As the response to an email I quoted it’s an issue of bringing a certain type of live entertainment to groups that might not otherwise have an opportunity (or that have fewer opportunities) to ever experience an art form that could regularly be seen in the audience member’s native country.

Some of the questions (or retorts) I’ve had to answer in the past when I’ve bothered to make my “mission statement” public have been weighing on my mind for years (if not decades in some cases) and I’ve only recently been able to articulate non-anecdotal and intuitive responses.

So many of the issues can be analyzed and articulated from the standpoint of the economic benefits or harm that is the result of not having the same range of choices available between populations, or rather between different subpopulations within a geo-political region.

As far as arts and entertainment goes, the case is probably not seen as being so important. I’ll address that in the next part, but to underscore just how important and relevant an analysis like this can be just imagine how fewer options for a particular population can be deadly when it comes to the issue of nutrition and/or medicine.

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"I wanna play for a smaller audience"

Having taken my mother on our monthly foray to an Asian food mart in Louisville, I actually took to the time to inspect one of the fliers that litter all the Vietnamese food stores on third street:

What I hadn’t paid attention to in the past is that these fliers were (I’m assuming) for events in the Kentuckiana area (notice the bottom right hand corner: Vietnamese Musical Band of Louisville). The other flier I picked up was for a Vietnamese Lunar New Year concert happening at the local casino boat venue:

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