Performance: IU Southeast Orchestra – Mahler Symphony No. 1 “Titan”

Gustav Mahler (July 1860 – 18 May 1911)

If you’re reading this it’s because I’ve set this to auto-post as I will be performing with the IU Southeast Orchestra.  We’re performing Mahler’s Symphony No. 1 in D Majoras well as the short work known as “Blumine” which for a few years served as the second movement to the Symphony before the composer excised the movement from later editions.  We will be playing it as the second movement for this performance.

Also, members and former members of the Louisville Orchestra will be joining us though officially in the capacity as “members of Keep Louisville Symphonic” since the Louisville Orchestra threatened the Louisville Orchestra Musicians Association with a lawsuit for using the “Louisville Orchestra” name.

Rather than bother you with my bad prose, I’ll post the press release our conductor, Dr. Joanna Goldstein, used for the purposes of promoting this concert.

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Tuesday Rehearsal Reflections: IU Southeast Orchestra and Mahler

Jon Silpayamanant performing with the IU Southeast Orchestra 21 November 2010

As I mentioned last Tuesday, every other week I rehearse with the IU Southeast Orchestra. Also, as I’ve mentioned last December, I had been planning on blogging extensively about Mahler.


As it stands tonight will only be my second rehearsal with the Orchestra as I was sick with the flu during one week and the previous (what would have been the first) rehearsal was canceled due to weather. I hope to get back to the blogging, but we’ll have to see if I can manage in depth blogging about Mahler while I’m currently occupied with some of the recent projects I’ve been talking about here.

Originally I wasn’t planning on often playing with the orchestra as I normally have a busy performing schedule and couldn’t set aside a weekly time just for rehearsals, but as I’m now an adjunct at IU Southeast and have arranged to have half my students on Tuesdays I figured I might as well play–granted, when I was first asked to play I was tempted if only because of the really fun repertoire the orchestra was doing for the first concert last semester. Obviously, Mahler’s first symphony falls in that category as well! Continue reading “Tuesday Rehearsal Reflections: IU Southeast Orchestra and Mahler”

Tuesday Rehearsal Reflections: River City Klezmer Band

I’m posting this now as I may or may not be back in time tonight to finish a post before midnight.  If you folks hadn’t noticed I am attempting to blog once a day–more for the discipline than anything else, but also because I have been really inspired by Eric Edberg‘s (one of my former cello teachers and someone who I still consider a mentor–at least he’s still teaching me things even to this day!).  As an aside-if you haven’t been following Eric’s Sabbatical adventures in New York City–you should!  Some really neat and interesting things happening there an I envy him his time being spent there!

You folks now know what I do on Mondays, Tuesdays are a little different.  I’m usually giving private lessons at IU Southeast to college students as well as kids enrolled in the IU Southeast Arts Institute (which is primarily for k-12 ages), but as I also teach lessons on Wednesdays I’ll wait till tomorrow to blog about this experience (which will be interestingly difficult as the privacy of students is always an issue!).

But what I do want to blog about is that Tuesday nights are also a rehearsal night for me.

Every first and third Tuesdays I make the journey across the river to Louisville, Kentucky to the Jewish Community Center of Louisville to rehearse with the River City Klezmer Band from 7:30-9:00 pm.  This is an amateur group of folks at various level of abilities and stages of musical ability.  Very few of the group are professional musicians and as we often say before our shows the whole idea of Klezmer is to bring together whatever musicians happen to be there to play Klezmer music. Continue reading “Tuesday Rehearsal Reflections: River City Klezmer Band”