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Price Discrimination for Orchestra Tickets

Drew McManus (of Adaptistration.com)had a fascinating post about Placebo Pricing (also see his follow-up post) that was the subject of a blogpost by Joe Patti (of Butts in The Seats) which might be… Continue reading

The so-called sustainability of popular entertainment

Greg Sandow opened up his recent post, “A challenge for orchestras,” with this    pithy paragraph: Not so long ago, I happened to have dinner with a businessman — CEO of his not so… Continue reading

Occupy Concert Halls, but find some parking first!

So, a recent piece at Fast Company takes a more sophisticated and nuanced look at audiences for Orchestras.  The bottom line?  Parking! No, that’s not the only bottom line, but in the case… Continue reading

on Klingon weddings and playing the Sci-Fi/Fantasy circuit

So, as I mentioned in the previous post, there is an embarrassment of riches as far as performing options are concerned, if you’re willing to think outside the box.  The past few years… Continue reading

Are Orchestra Musicians Replaceable?

Drew McManus pointed out a piece written by Michaela Boland which had some interesting quotes by Greg Sandow with whom I don’t necessarily agree on many points though he is one of the… Continue reading

Catch Up

It’s spring break here both in the school system and at IUS.  I’ve been spending the week making up some lessons for students since we’ve has some snow days at IUS–and more importantly,… Continue reading

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