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A symphony season has more impact on the local economy than a football season

Given the current situation with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, Sheila Kennedy has written an interesting post about the purported economic impact that football/sports has to local economies.  This paragraph, in particular, reflects many… Continue reading

the economics of underserved audiences (part 2): “Who Benefits Whom” and Preference Minorities

It’s been some time since I posted the first part of this series of posts exploring the issues surrounding how I view my role as an educator and musician.  In this, part 2… Continue reading

“…and it never occurred to me that musical tastes and offerings will change as demographics change…”

So today, as I mentioned last week is a cello sectional coaching day, but I was so distracted by thoughts about the current DSO situation that I found it hard to concentrate at… Continue reading

the economics of underserved audiences (part 1)

Yesterday, I posted a bit about playing for underserved audiences, or rather, my desire to play for them. As the response to an email I quoted it’s an issue of bringing a certain… Continue reading

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