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Economies of Scale and Orchestras

A recent post by Drew McManus at Adaptistration reminded me of a brief argument I had with Greg Sandow at his blog.  In my previous post I talked about one way to increase… Continue reading

Price Discrimination for Orchestra Tickets

Drew McManus (of Adaptistration.com)had a fascinating post about Placebo Pricing (also see his follow-up post) that was the subject of a blogpost by Joe Patti (of Butts in The Seats) which might be… Continue reading

The so-called sustainability of popular entertainment

Greg Sandow opened up his recent post, “A challenge for orchestras,” with this    pithy paragraph: Not so long ago, I happened to have dinner with a businessman — CEO of his not so… Continue reading

Arts Funding Is Supporting A Wealthy, White Audience: Report

This is the title of a recent Huffington Post piece that discusses a study by the Washington-based National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy.  Given the demographic trends I’ve been blogging about, this is, as… Continue reading

Whither the Louisville Orchestra?

Drew McManus has a good roundup of the current LO situation in his most recent post.  I really don’t have much to add except that given how closely I’d been following the situation… Continue reading

What happened to the composers, anyway?

I just read a strange piece at Cracked.com about Orchestras, 5 Bizarre Dark Sides to Modern Orchestras, which left a bit to be desired regarding some facts (what’s a third violin, anyway?  Viola?). … Continue reading

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