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High Entry Cost and “Retainability” of Musical Organizations

In my previous post I outlined some aspects of various performance based industries (Classical Music, Sports, Pop Music) and how audiences numbers can matter little to the largest organizations within them (Orchestras, Sports… Continue reading

Are Orchestra Musicians Replaceable?

Drew McManus pointed out a piece written by Michaela Boland which had some interesting quotes by Greg Sandow with whom I don’t necessarily agree on many points though he is one of the… Continue reading

Orchestra News

Officially, the Louisville Orchestra currently employs no musicians.  Yesterday was the deadline for the bankruptcy reorganization plan to be submitted by the orchestra (which was actually filed on Monday), and midnight Tuesday is… Continue reading

Orchestra news

Orchestra news is a bit bittersweet, while the Detroit Symphony Orchestra has resolve their differences with the musicians, and the Honolulu Symphony has been bought and is currently being reconstituted, both orgs are… Continue reading

Linkblogging news

I know I haven’t been posting here the past few days as I’ve been hella busy, but wanted to post some recent news in the Classical music world. The Louisville Bach Society will… Continue reading

Orchestra News

Detroit: Drew McManus posts some recent not-so-great news about the possible binding arbitration deal the DSO musicians wanted to begin negotiation with DSO management. http://www.detroitsymphonymusicians.org http://www.detroitsymphony.com Philadelphia: Management have been threatening Chapter 11… Continue reading

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