Video Game Orchestras

PUBLISHED Apr 11, 2014; UPDATED Oct 19, 2022







Video Game Music Concert Series

Video Game Music Conferences

Books and Resources on Video Game Music


Select Bibliography of Texts and Resources

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  1. The BGSU Game and Anime Music Ensemble (G.A.M.E.) is doing quite well this year. This our first year, 2014, College Sanctioned and the first year we have been recognized by the BGSU Ethnomusicology Department as culturally relevant. We are constantly recruiting musicians, or people simply interested in music, to increase our numbers and musical quality (no you do not necessarily have to be a BGSU Student). We like to think of G.A.M.E as a safe-haven of not only people interested in music from Video Games and Animes, but also for people who are not confident enough, or unwilling, to perform in a Collegiate Ensemble. If anyone is in the approximate area of Bowling Green, Ohio we welcome you to join us, even just for one day.

    my email is Please contact me with interest. All are welcome!

    ~ Nicholas M. Taylor, Music Director


  2. Hi there! I am a director of the UCLA orchestra, and we would like to let you know that we have changed our name to Game Music Ensemble at UCLA (GME). Our facebook page is at Thank you for the inclusion.


  3. Check out the DesMoines Gamer Symphony Orchestra at
    They just performed 2 concerts combined with the Iowa State Symphony Orchestra with an added choir on October 9th in DesMoines and on the 14th in Ames,Iowa.Founded in 2019 by Aaron Barker- it is a certified non-profit 501C3 and all performances are free.

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