Telematic Orchestras and Ensembles


Satellite Arts Project


Another Language Performing Arts Company <<>>


SoundWIRE (Standford) <<>>


TeleCello Concerto <<>> Celletto concerto with large, distributed network orchestra (A soundpainting, improvisation concerto with three sub-orcestras)

Telematic Collective (IUPUI) <<>>


Concordia Laptop Orchestra (CLOrk)  (Concordia) <<>> (2011)

Uncertain Origin

VistaMuse (UCSD)

Tintinnabulate at RPI

“Great International Audio Streaming Orchestra” GIASCO <<>>

Cybernetic Orchestra at McMaster <<>>

Scatterbrain Telematic Orchestra

New Music Ensemble Laptop Orchestra — NuMuLO (Calgary University)

CanDLE (Canada Distributed Laptop Ensemble)


Water Naught


  • Three Ways

Michael Dessen <<>>





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