At Mae Mai I often use some terminology which may not be standard usage, or which may be neologisms. Technical Terminology from various fields will also be used without explanation as well as idiosyncratic turns of phrases and acronyms which have become relatively common in various online communities. This page will be a glossary for many of these things which I’ll often link to so I don’t have to continually define them in the body of blog posts.


Classical Music Crisis Crisis – A term I’ve come to use to refer to the Crisis that’s happening in the broader “Classical Music Crisis” discussion. Also used as a hashtag ( #ClassicalMusicCrisisCrisis ) on twitter and Facebook as well as the focus of one of my Facebook Pages.

SOBs – an acronym used in the Classical Music blogging community to refer to the three large scale and mainstream organizations: Symphonies, Operas, and Ballets.