Category Archive: Xenomusicology

Updates and more updates

If some of you hadn’t noticed, I’ve changed the look of the blog. This template is a bit cleaner and less distracting than the previous one, I think. I also spent most of… Continue reading

on Klingon weddings and playing the Sci-Fi/Fantasy circuit

So, as I mentioned in the previous post, there is an embarrassment of riches as far as performing options are concerned, if you’re willing to think outside the box.  The past few years… Continue reading

Xenomusic for kids

So it looks like I might be giving a Xenomusic workshop for kids at ConGlomeration in Louisville next April. “What is ‘Xenomusic’?” you might ask? Well, basically, it would be the music of… Continue reading

tlhIngan QoQ (part 2)

I’ve set up a Klingon Music Project page for il Troubadore at the following url: It’s in the beginning stages for now but I will flesh it out as we get new… Continue reading

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