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Musical Literacy versus Musical Fluency

A couple years ago while reading Dick Weissman’s book, Making a Living in Your Local Music Market, I blogged about the section in the book about Musical Literacy. As Weissman related some remarks… Continue reading

Borrowed materials in music or Musical Appropriation

Composer, Alex Temple, has written an interesting piece regarding borrowed material in music. I’ll quote the relevant section here: [T]he response I wound up thinking about the most is actually one that I… Continue reading

Modern Cello Techniques

  Modern Cello Techniques is a fantastic new website dedicated to extended cello techniques by Chicago based cellist, Russell Rolen.  Of special interest to my blog readers who also are interested in Arabic… Continue reading

Arab Music and Musical Notation

I read a review of a book titled “Arab Music and Musical Notation” (Markaz ʻUmān lil-Mūsīqá al-Taqlīdīyah) by Issam El-Mallah last night. The review was written by Kathleen Hood. The description of chapter… Continue reading

Korean Chôngganbo and Far Eastern music notation systems

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been having some relatively in depth discussions about music systems and notation for them with Bryan Townsend.  A statement in one of Bryan’s recent posts… Continue reading

When music became “complex”

A recent post by Bryan Townsend has really gotten my intellectual juices flowing.  My comment there reflected a line of thinking I’ve been on for some time as I’ve been re-evaluating my own… Continue reading

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