and though it may seem dead around here…

Interestingly, I'm getting quite a few comments, feedback, and discussion on these posts. They just happen to be over at my facebook page (you'll probably need to be logged in to view my profile). I've basically imported this blog via the feed into the facebook notes so as I post here, eventually my facebook wall … Continue reading and though it may seem dead around here…


yeah, well--I don't blog too regularly around here. And really to tell the truth, I have so many different blogs that it is about time I got my own domain and consolidate. So, by next year, I will likely be doing my regular blogging at or something silly like that. Till then--if you're looking … Continue reading hmm

blog shout out

I know I haven't been blogging here much lately, but I thought I'd give a few shout outs, just because I support the local comics scene as well as those bloggers that support Mae Mai. ~~~~~~ Wayne Bertsch's Barfly comics strip at the NUVO I'll let this little NUVO blurb and the strip above speak … Continue reading blog shout out

Ten Years on the Internet: Cagean Aesthetics

Looks like I'll be celebrating 10 years worth of internet presence in about a year and a half: All too often we forget to do things. It is as if we don't realize that we are always doing. A Cagean "Aesthetics" can be a wonderful pedagogical tool for musicians, artists, hell, even scientists, and lawyers. … Continue reading Ten Years on the Internet: Cagean Aesthetics

Salaam alaikum!

So I'm back (sort of). Not that I ever really left, just took a pseudo-mini-vacation from web life. I have tons of things that I've written, but that'll have to come later as I'm not quite sure how I want to organize this blog. This blog is more of a temporary thing anyway, until I … Continue reading Salaam alaikum!