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Aging of the Orchestra Audience is a Red Herring

I’ve blogged quite a bit about the issue of declining audiences for classical music here (see especially my post, What if there’s really no “decline” in Classical Music audiences?) but have only touched… Continue reading

update on solo cello repertoire bibliography

So after finding another one of my composer friends, Steve Layton, on facebook (this site has got to be one of the best networking tools I’ve come across) he directed me to the… Continue reading

Cello Repertoire Wiki

This is more for my own sake, and also for the sake of not cluttering up this blog with lists of cello repertoire, but I’ve set up a Cello Repertoire Wiki so that… Continue reading

20th Century Bulgarian Music for Cello Solo

One half of the pleasure of doing research at a more general level (e.g. “Solo Cello Music Repertoire” rather than “Cello Repertoire by Popper”) is finding gems you’d never think to come across.… Continue reading

Bibliography of works for unaccompanied cello

After writing my previous post I remembered one of my pet projects from my undergrad years.  I believe it was my senior year as a cello performance major that I was going to… Continue reading

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