Non-Western String Traditions

This is just a list of English resources for those interested in non-Western string traditions and styles.  Note that a number of the articles are educational or actual scores with notes on non-Western performance practice as it applies to particular traditions.  This list is by no means complete and I will add to it as I get the opportunity.

Eventually I would like to add a discography to this page (or to supplement this page) but for a brief introduction of some of the styles with accompanying video examples, please view my entries in the Sunday Spotlight on the Non-Western Cello at this link here.

Middle Eastern:

  • Abdel-Rahim, Gamal (1981, 2003) “Improvisations on a Peddlar’s Tune for Cello Solo.” International Opus:Richmond, Virginia.
  • Darling, Leanne (2004) “Arabic Strings.” (CD Lecutre/Workshop)  Alternative Strings: The New Curriculum, ed by Julie Lyonn Lieberman.  Amadeus Press:Milwauke, Wisconsin, track 09.
  • Darling, Leanne (2004) “From West to East: An Introduction to Arabic String Playing.” American String Teacher.  May Vol. 54, No. 2.  pp. 78-83. <<>>
  • Darling, Leanne (2007) “Isma’a (Listen) Traditional Arabic Themes for String Orchestra.” Highland/Etling Publishing:Van Nuys, California.
  • Deverich, Robin Kay (2008) “Section 6.8  Arabic Music: Longa Nahawand.” Cello Online String Sampler: Cello Study Guide.  Global Music School String Publications. pp. 91-94. <<>>
  • Hines, Edward (1995) “Yeni Makam 3 Suite for Violoncello Solo.” Edward Hines Music:Wendell, Massachussetts.
  • Lieberman, Julie Lyonn (2004) “Chapter 7 Strings Around the World: Arabic.” Alternative Strings: The New Curriculum.  Amadeus Press:Milwauke, Wisconsin. pp. 143-144.
  • Paschyn, Christina Maria (2012) “Hassan Moataz: Challenging Public Perception.” Qatar Happening, January.  (link to scan of print article at the following link) <<>>
  • Reel, James (2006) “Learning Arabic: Leanne Darling offers an introduction to this vibrant musical style.” Strings, 12:143. pp. 28-30.  (scan of article at Leanne Darling’s website at following link): <>

Far Eastern:

South Asian:


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