This is a(n incomplete) list of interviews I’ve given over the years.  When possible a link to an online version or scan of a print version will be given.  The pieces are listed in chronological order.

Broge-Starck, Thomas.  (2003)  “Det musikaliske biprodukt/Noiseman433 om støj” (“Musical biproduct/Noiseman433 and Noise”), Soundvenue Magazine, December 29, Denmark

Halversen, Jessica.  (2006)  “Il Communication”  InTake Weekly, August 31, Indianapolis

Newby, Jonathon.  (2007)  “Tinnitus Awareness Week: Jon “Yun” Silpayamanant”  Brazil blog, May 22, Indianapolis

Lindquist, Dave. (2009) “A Bigger World: Local musicians find inspiration in faraway lands and their culturesIndianapolis Star: IndySunday, June 21, Indianapolis

Ramsey, Colin.  (2010) “Creating a Contemporary Cello Career” May, Greencastle

Boyer, David.  (2011)  “Multi-instrumentalist Jon Silpayamanant”  Indiana’s Got Talent!, Evansville

Cannon, Sean.  (2011)  “Spaced Out!Velocity Newsweekly, May 10, Louisville

Zay, Julia R.  (2011)  Interview for a history of contemporary bellydance musicians.

Annis, Robert. (2012) “Gen Con 2012: Choose your own adventureNUVO, August 15-22, Indianapolis

Pogue, Paul F. P.. (2013)  “Gen Con 2013: Gaming’s biggest eventNUVO, August 14-21, Indianapolis


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