New Music Groups outside the US


  • Spring Bee Music Club (also “Spring Bee Music Forum”): 春蜂乐会 – founded in autumn of 1926 by Qian Juntao,Qiu Wangxiang,Chen Xiaokong,and Shen Binglian <<>> ABSTRACT: The “Spring Bee Music Forum” was a music group that has been inactive for more than half a century.It was founded in Hangzhou in the autumn of 1926 with Qian Juntao, Qiu Wangxiang, Chen Xiaokong, and Shen Binglian as the founding members.It was the earliest new music group in the recent Chinese music history and its main mission was to compose Chinese art songs.Within two to three years of its foundation those composers had published art song collections such as “Flower Picking” and “Golden Dream” which contained dozens of pieces.Using musical analysis technique and the view point of city music anthropology,this essay focuses on the important contribution made by the “Spring Bee Music Forum” to the development of the art song in modern Chinese history.

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