An Annotated Bibliographic Timeline of “Opera Crisis”

Ivanovich, Christoforo (1681) “Le memorie teatrali di Venezia” (quoted from Ellen Rosand’s Opera in Seventeenth-century Venice) tips to Alex Ross <<>>

Profits at the door, the basis of the business investment, instead of growing are diminishing, evidently endangering the continuation of this noble entertainment.

Handel, George Frideric (1719) from page 300 of Dean & Knapp’s “Handel’s Operas, 1704-1726″ (first of two volumes) tips to fireandair <<>>

Operas … are an Encouragement and Support to an Art that has been cherished by all Polite Nations. […] Therefore it seems very strange that this great and opulent City hath not been able to support Publick Spectacles of this sort for any considerable time. The reason of which seems to be cheifly that they have been hitherto carryed on upon a narrow Bottom of Temporary Contributions Extreamly Burthensome to the People of Quality …



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