Since the beginning of the pandemic, and especially after posting the Classical Music and Its Slave Orchestras piece there’s been a growing number of (currently 27 31 36 39 EDIT:3/9/23) University, and at least one course at a [presumably] secondary education school, courses linking to various pieces here at Mae Mai. While the above piece has been, by far, the most linked to one, the Diversity, Inclusive Programming, and Music Education Series, Early Black Musicians, Composers, and Music Scholars (505-1505 CE), and Timeline of Early Turntablism, Sampling, and Real Time Audio Recording Manipulation (1900-1960) have gotten their fair share of usage and views.

The latter mentioned pieces also brings up a point in that while I may not have been posting nearly as much to Mae Mai as I have in the past, I have been creating a fair number of Bibliographies, Timelines, Lists, a Catalogues/Indexes which are actually posted pages here rather than individual entries.

As I don’t believe notifications go out to blog subscribers when new Pages get published, I decided to at least list a number of those resources in this post. They are listed with their first publishing date, though as many of these are ongoing projects updates happen intermittently (and are usually indicated in the opening introductory sections).

In some cases, I’ve heavily updated older pages which were barely fleshed out initially but have grown considerably, such as the Timeline of Early Turntablism, Sampling, and Real Time Audio Recording Manipulation (1900-1960) (initially published 1 September 2013 but last updated 11 June 2021).

So while I may not have been creating regular posts, I have been compiling resource pages on a relatively regular schedule. If you have comments, suggestions, or types of resources you’d like to see comment below or email me at silpayamanant AT gmail DOT com. Also, if you are an educator who is using one of my pieces in your syllabus, course reading list, or any other pedagogical context I would love to hear about it and your experience using it. You can also connect via my Twitter account or Facebook Page.

Below is a list of all (known to me) universities, conservatories, secondary schools, and colleges currently using Mae Mai pieces.

Also, as I don’t get paid for this content, and if you think the work I’m doing is important and would like to contribute, I have a Patreon (currently under review as I just created it this morning).

Featured image: Samut Khoi (สมุดข่อย) created by me depicting an episode, Hanuman Presents the Ring to Nang Sita, from the Ramakien (รามเกียรติ์, a Thai version of the Ramayana).

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