“Trash-Metal” is not the future of Orchestras | Dave Mustaine and the San Diego Symphony

After hearing some of the bootleg vids (as well as one which purportedly takes sound directly from the board) of Dave Mustaine’s recent concert with the San Diego Symphony. Ironically, the “trash-metal” title is from Greg Sandow’s blog post criticizing the concert for sandwiching Mustaine between works by Berlioz and Dvořák (amongst other slights Sandow finds with the whole marketing of the concert. I’m assuming a typo, but who knows–maybe it was a Freudian Slip, and it’s a fittingly apt description of Mustaine’s performance.

Greg Sandow's blog post, "Sandwiched in"
Greg Sandow’s blog post, “Sandwiched in”

Here’s some Vivaldi:


Sound from the board:

See more clips here: http://www.hennemusic.com/2014/04/video-dave-mustaine-of-megadeth.html

I’ve never been much of a fan of Megadeth.  Saw them live once during the Clash of the Titans tour, but I was really only at that to see Slayer (R.I.P. Jeff Hanneman). I didn’t know Alice in Chains‘ music enough to care one way or the other about them and I could at least tolerate Anthrax. Most of my fellow metalhead friends were quite glad that Mustaine split with Metallica and seemed to consider Megadeth something of a ‘joke’ band. Not sure what the SD Symphony was thinking with this, but I hardly think any of the criticisms in Sandows’ piece mattered much, not especially given the actual performance by Mustaine. Give me Fantômas or Dillinger Escape Plan any day.




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