San Diego Opera, again…

In my piece “Opera: ‘I’m Not Dead’” post, i mentioned a guest post at Bill Eddins Sticks and Drones guest blog by Viswa Subarraman, conductor and Artistic Director of the Skylight Music Theatre in Milwaukee and his thoughts about the San Diego Opera closing. This is just one several criticisms of the organizations decision to shut down (here’s another recent piece) amidst rumors which inevitably fly as organizations of this size come near an end.


Viswa Subarraman’s recent guest post rebuts a piece by San Diego Opera board chair, Karen Cohn, who defended the board’s decision to quit. I don’t have the time to make any commentary about the two pieces, but please go read both-while keeping in mind many of the things I’d said in my “I’m not Dead” piece and my more recent What American Chinese Opera can tell us about the US Classical Music “Crisis”–as these pretty much outline all the issues surrounding the “Classical Music Crisis” debate in one small microcosm of the whole field.

Note also that the SD Opera has postponed the closure by two weeks to explore other funding options. We can question why these, or other, funding options weren’t explored before announcing the closure, but sometimes crying wolf helps to mobilize folks in particular ways.

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