New Opera in Louisville


In my post about new new music groups in Louisville I neglected to mention the Thompson Street Opera Company, about which I knew little. Fortunately, one of my colleagues in Eight.dB, Claire DiVizio, is actually the founder and executive producer of the company.

Thompson Street Opera Company (founded 2011)

As you can see from their Facebook page, the Thompson Street Opera Company is

dedicated to producing works for the stage by emerging composers. Their inaugural production, the World Premiere of Ezra Donner’s “Antigone,” was a great success, and the Company continues to plan for future projects.

Here’s an excerpt of the Midwest premiere of Marcus Maroney’s “Dust of the Road”

The upcoming season will include these new works:

May 23-24 at 8PM, May 25 at 2PM: Emily by Eva Kendrick

May 30-31 at 8PM, June 1 at 2PM: The Rootabaga Stories by Yvonne Freckmann (WORLD PREMIERE) and Requiem for the Living by Ronnie Reshef

June 6-7 at 8PM, June 8 at 2PM: Ile by Ezra Donner

And if you’d like to contribute or donate, they company has started a kickstarter to fund this summer’s season!

Kentucky Opera

Olivia Douglas, Austin Bradly, Soonchan Kwon and Natalie Cummings star in the UT Butler School of Opera premiere of Daron Hagen’s “A Woman in Morocco.”

Next season of the Kentucky Opera will feature Daron Hagen‘s “A Woman in Morocco” in October. I posted a few news snippets about the piece at the NuMuLu site last December, so for more info about the piece please go there.

The composer posted a few video blogs about the work at his youtube channel (also included in the NuMuLu link above):


il Troubadore Klingon Music Project

il Troubadore performing "wa' SaD ram wa' ram je" at Trek Trax 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia.
il Troubadore performing “wa’ SaD ram wa’ ram je” at Trek Trax 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Interestingly, I hadn’t thought about the fact that I’ve been involved in the premiere of an Opera in Louisville.  And it happened to be one I’d written. The il Troubadore Klingon Music Project is a side gig for my world music group, il Troubadore, and we premiered an excerpt of my Klingon Opera-Ballet, “wa’ SaD ram wa’ ram je” at the ConGlomeration Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention back in April of 2011.

Here’s an aria, “maS bom” (Moon Song), from the Opera (in Klingon, of course) from a more recent performance we did at ConGlomeration last year (April 2013):

The next post in this series featuring new music in Louisville will focus more on the underground experimental scene which is growing and thriving more than I would have though possible since I move back to the area in 2006.  Of course, I’ve transplanted at least one of my experimental projects down here from the Indianapolis area where I’d been based, and I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate and work with dozens of local experimental musicians over the past few years.  I just can’t seem to keep my feet out of new music, it seems! 😛

One final thing–I didn’t have a photo to post in my blog about new new music in Louisville for Eight.dB as we didn’t have any photos to post of us.  Fortunately, at last night’s rehearsal, Claire DiVizio (who’s also a member of the group if you recall) took some photos of us while reading through Nate Tucker‘s score, “Choose Your Own Adventure.”  This was a posed shot before we started reading and didn’t include a couple of members who couldn’t make the rehearsal:

Eight.dB before reading Nate Tucker's "Choose Your Own Adventure" score.
Eight.dB before reading Nate Tucker’s “Choose Your Own Adventure” score.



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