The Classical Music Crisis Crisis

Like Ragnarok
Like Ragnarök, the Viking Apocalypse that is supposed to happen on February 22 of this year, the Classical Music Crisis is probably a Myth – a useful story to frighten young musicians with images of Doom and Gloom

Yes, there are two Crises there. This is mainly in reference to a comment that Alex Ross made on twitter and that I’m now using as a hashtag #ClassicalMusicCrisisCrisis

Which was one of several (and some hilarious) comments made in response to the tweet in which Ross posted a link to his piece “The ‘orchestra crisis’ in America is at least 110 years old.

So, as I mentioned in a recent tweet, I must write a “Classical Music Crisis Crisis” Opera.

Because sometimes the best way to combat something is with humor (as you can see from Ross’ twitter discussion above). So, with this the #ClassicalMusicCrisisCrisis hashtag, I will collect select quotes to appropriate for the libretto of this as yet unnamed Opera (taking suggestions for this, btw) as I mentioned in the tweet and on my facebook profile.

So, tweet (or facebook) your favorite inane saying regarding the so-called Death of Classical Music or the Classical Music Crisis and don’t forget to use the #ClassicalMusicCrisisCrisis hashtag so I can find it–and appropriate it for a grand tragic comedic opera about this bizarre prophesy which has yet to pass after well over a hundred years.

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