Dropping ad revenue will follow broadcast media decline

An interesting piece discussing the dropping viewership of traditional broadcast media like TV and Cable (as well as print media) hints at a similar fate to follow loss of the single biggest proportion of revenue for Sports as we’re seeing in the Pop Music industry.  As more people switch over to digital media for their engagement and participation in Sports, fewer and fewer people are actually paying.  Also corporations are loath to spend the same amount on ads as they do for traditional Broadcast media since the return is still relatively low.

Television viewership has apparently dropped nearly 50% since 2002 and some are predicting its demise in 5 years.

Since media licensing makes up the lion’s share of revenue for Sports (remember that the NFL takes in a mere 20% of its revenue through ticket sales) it seems we’re going to see what Seth Godin predicted.  The infrastructure which propelled Sports into relevance won’t be around much longer.  Whatever decline we’re purportedly seeing in the Performing Arts is simply a side effect of what we might call one giant post WWII economic bubble–with all the expansion in Sports, Popular Music, and the Performing Arts Industries rising and falling within.


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