8 Takeaways from today’s IP Subcommittee Hearing

*sighs* The NIN and Radiohead examples are getting old!

6. Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails Are Not Such Good Examples: Once again, Radiohead and NIN were brought up as examples of bands that promoted “sharing.” Check it out, that’s kind of in the rear view mirror. There’s this guy, Thom Yorke, you may have heard of him. And NIN is now at at Columbia. Also–try picking a couple of success stories by bands that weren’t famous already before 1999. Meaning, something that’s not on your Grooveshark playlist. All that these examples prove is how much brand name capital can be extracted from artists by technology.

Music Technology Policy

Every now and then you get a gift from the ether–today’s hearing “Innovation in America: The Role of Technology” at the Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property, and the Internet was no exception.  It’s hard sometimes to convince lawmakers and staff that “yes, they really are that self-centered” when speaking of the groovier-than-thou Big Tech community, so it’s always nice when Big Tech does it for you.

First of all–get it straight that it is highly unlikely that anyone on today’s panel uttered a word that was not approved somehow by Google or its intermediaries. And certainly not one word was uttered that would give Google any heart palpitations (or as they say in the mountains, “agida”).

Having said that, I think the testimony of the witnesses at today’s hearing can be distilled into a few recurring themes, although I encourage anyone who thinks I’m oversimplifying to read the transcript…

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