Sometimes I’m amused at what brings folks to my blogs (through the search engine route, that is).  I’ve been blogging a bit more about singing while playing the cello lately so it’s understandable that the biggest hit the past 30 days is for the phrase “sing while playing cello.”  The second biggest hit is, surprisingly, “hello dolly.”  Not surprising given how often that phrase has brought traffic to my blog over the past year or more since I mentioned playing a local production of that musical, but it seems to be consistently the range of search phrases that bring folks here.  Here are the top ten for the past 30 days:

sing while playing cello 110
hello dolly 32
soundcloud logo 25
nam june paik 22
kayhan kalhor 19
soundcloud 17
indian cello 15
charlotte moorman 13
louisville orchestra 12
mahler 7

Most of the hits an be grouped into related phrases even I might only have one or two hits per phrase.  For example, I’ve gotten two dozen or more combinations of phrases with “Klingon” or “Klingon Women” or “Klingon Costume” which is understandable as I occasionally talk about my Klingon music projects and band.  I’m not entirely sure what the person using the search phrase “star wars klingon costume” was looking for, but I hope he or she found it here.

I’ve got way too much on my mind and to do by the end of this coming week so my blog topics may not be incredibly heavy affairs but I hope to come back to the issues of local music economics and the elephant in the room issue I mentioned in the previous post.

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