My Musical Compositions

Composer Henry Cowell, ca. late 1950s–early 1960s

So as I rebuild my website I’m sorely aware of one thing I’ve never really included on past versions of it.  Namely, my compositional output.  I’ve spent a lot of time making lists and going through old programs and trying to remember when it was I’ve written a piece that is even regularly performed now but I don’t think I’ve ever posted a list of any sort online.

As I start to get commissions and other music writing/arranging work, I figured it was time to  remedy that omission.  Especially as it’s getting close to the 20 year mark since I’ve started writing music and as I’m starting to get higher profile work.

So, I’ve posted a [work in progress] list of my compositions.

This list is far from complete.  I, quite literally have several hundreds of works.  Not all of which are traditionally notated as I’ve ‘written’ a number of experimental works that exist only in recorded form.  I’ve also experimented in so many different types of compositional techniques including graphic scores, text scores (ala Fluxus and Stockhausen) and other highly media specific pieces.

Mainly, I just posted a few things that stand out in my mind while I sorted out some kind of format to publish it digitally.  Eventually, I would like to include the premiere dates and full instrumentation (when applicable) and probably include individual entries for pieces so as to be able to include more details and possibly audio, video (and possibly score) links.

For now, think of it as a placeholder that will be fully fleshed out as I finally get myself organized a bit more.

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