Latest Louisville Orchestra news and concert cancellations

I haven’t been posting as much about the Louisville Orchestra situation lately as I would like to have, but since the recent court ruling for the LO reorganization plan a few weeks ago so much has happened.  Rather than my own thoughts about the situation, I’ll post some links given insightful commentary by other folks who have been closely following the events.

Drew McManus – Expect Things To Get Worse In Louisville Before They Get Better

Drew has been posting quite a bit on this recently and rather than clog his blog with trackbacks from mine I suggest searching through recent posts about the Louisville Orchestra–well worth a read from this industry expert!

Robert Levine – Louisville CEO surprised that AFM will support picket line
and Louisville management arms Tsar Bomba

Lots of local press about this as well at WFPL.  Here are a couple recent piece by Gabe Bullard.

Gabe Bullard – “Unfair” Listing Won’t Change Orchestra Contract Talks as Season Approaches, Says Birman

and Union Puts Orchestra on “Unfair List”

You can also find many more recent pieces under the “Arts and Humanities” tag.


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