Classical Music Across Cultures

Classical Music Across Cultures - Changing the face of Classical Music!

I just got a twitter subscription from Classical Music Across Cultures.  I’m interested in seeing what this is about.  The website will go live in a few hours so we’ll get to see more of what this is all about though judging from their facebook page is more of an outreach program for Classical Music to ethnic minorities (primarily African American and Latino children), which I can fully support even if it doesn’t exactly fit in with my own particular focus.  Here’s the blurb for their twitter account:

The Classical Music Across Cultures project will reach thousands of underserved African American and Latino children to change the face of classical music.

and from their website:

The Classical Music Across Cultures project is positioned to reach thousands of underserved yet gifted African American and Latino children, and encourage them to participate in changing the cultural stereotype of classical music.

This is an important issue when considering the ethnic make-up of Classical Music organizations (in the US) and underserved groups and audiences–but especially musicians and composers!

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