Hello, Dolly!

Hello, Dolly!

Again, it’s a busy week-which is good for me as a musician, but bad for me as a blogger.  This week I’ll be playing with a local production of Jerry Herman’s “Hello, Dolly!” which I haven’t played since I was, well, in High School (don’t want to date myself by putting the year–hee hee).

Musicals are a strange sort of musical genre–often nearly the same length as Western Operas though with much more dialogue, they tend to keep musicians on their toes with the frequent meter/key signature changes.  And more often than not the pit orchestra will have far fewer rehearsals than the cast (in our case, three) to run through a good two to three hour long production.  I’ll e leaving Orchestra rehearsal a bit early to make the pit rehearsal tonight, then one more tomorrow night and then showtime for the next four nights.

So again, apologies for the lack of blogging around here as I switch gears from playing Klingon Opera and Balk folk music into Broadway musical mode this week!  Such is the life of an active musician.

In other news, been working on a Klingon Translation of “Kung Fu Fighting” — why?  Because I can and have a band that will sing it in the original Klingon.  😉


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