Performance: Klingon Music at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum


Incredible Costumes from Film and TV at the Indianapolis Children's Museum

If you are reading this, it’s because it was written earlier today and set to future post as I will be performing at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis in Indianapolis (IN) when this autoposts.  The group I’ll be playing with is one I co-founded with vocalist and mandolinist, Robert Bruce Scott, in May of 2004, il Troubadore and we will be presenting our Klingon Music Project.


Yes, you read right, il Troubadore will be playing three sets of Intergalactic Music (because World Music just wasn’t enough for us), so we’ll be singing in Klingon, and Ewok, and other languages.  Also, we’ll be dressed as Klingons.  So if you’re in the area and need something to bring your kids to, then the Indianapolis Children’s Museum exhibit, “Incredible Costumes from Film and TV” might be you thing today.

There will be a children’s costume contest at 1:30 which we will also be playing background music for, as well as three sets of music starting at 10:30.

If some of you folks have noticed banners and advertisements around Indianapolis that look a bit like the image to the left, that is none other than Indianapolis’ own naHQun, Commander of the IKS lIywI’ and professional Klingon translator.  He is also helping il Troubadore with the Klingon Ballet as well as other projects.

Show info:

On March 26, 2011 during the “SciFi characters from Star Trek Universe” event, il Troubadore will play three sets of intergalactic music.

Set times:
10:30 am
11:30 am
01:00 pm

il Troubadore will also perform music during the Children’s Costume contest at 01:30 pm

more info about the Children’s Museum exhibit and costume contest:

more info about il Troubadore Klingon Music Project:

Performances are free to all those who pay museum admission fee:

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