Another quick bite

me with Kermes after our show at Cafe D’jango 18 March 2011

Just winding down a bit after last night’s gig with my Balkan band, Kermes and still thinking about binaries and the ridiculousness of dichotomizing Classical Music and Pop Music–or should I say dichotomizing Western Classical Music and Western Pop Music since practically every culture has it’s art musics and popular musics.

Rather than belaboring a point I was making in this response to Greg Sandow’s blog post here,  I present to you folks a performance I did as Noiseman433 some years ago in St. Louis (25 January 2003).  This is probably one of my favorite performances and it lasted just a few seconds longer than the youtube clip below–and my hands were bloodied and swollen afterwards though the adrenaline high kept me from noticing it until nearly half an hour after the performance.  Needless to say, I wasn’t actively playing cello during this period of time!


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