Performance: Balkan Music @ Cafe Django

Kermes (Me with Maja Radovanlija) performing at the Runcible Spoon Gypsy Market in Bloomington, Indiana 16 October 2011

If you are reading this, it’s because it was written earlier today and set to future post as I will be performing at the Cafe D’jango in Bloomington (IN) when this autoposts.  The group I’ll be playing with a group founded by Maja Radovanlija, Kermes.

Kermes is a Bloomington (Indiana) based Balkan Band playing music from Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey and other Balkan countries.

Our facebook fanpage bio:

Band was found in September/2010 , with idea of presenting variety of traditional Balkan music (songs and dances). Musicians (instrumentalists) in the band are all classically trained, curious enough to sail away from classical music into the music of Turkey,Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Albania, Romania etc. Three singers (Filiz, Katarina and Gergana) are all bringing very unique style of singing , characteristic for certain Balkan region.

Here’s a video of us playing a Serbian Kolo (dance) called Charlama Kolo:

We’ll be performing at Cafe D’jango from 8pm till 11pm tonight (18 March 2011).  Our current membership (with countries of origin) are as follows.

regular members:
Maja Radovanlija-Guitar (Serbia)
Diederik van Wassenaer – violin, voice (Netherlands)
Adriana Caro-Gomez – alto and tenor recorder – (Colombia)
Jon Silpayamanant – dumbek, percussion, voice, cello (Thailand)
Katarina Topalov – voice (Serbia)
Gergana May – voice ( Bulgaria)
Svetla Vladeva – accordion (Bulgaria)

Guest members:
Juan Sebastian Rojas- percussion (Colombia)
Valentina Taranovic – voice (Serbia)
Steva Jovich – classical guitar(Serbia)

Cafe D’Jango

116 N Grant St
Bloomington, IN 47408-4026
(812) 335-1297

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