Just a quick note. Paul Katz has started a website titled CelloBello which is a fantastic resource for all things cello. I watched all of his videos regarding bowing technique and it’s so nice to know that what I’ve been teaching my students is something that is accepted as the “norm” with this fantastic and distinguished cellist!

As some of you have noticed, I missed another day of blogging yesterday – the second I’ve missed in over a month of blogging at my new site.  I apologize but I’ve been working on a Klingon Costume–pretty much spent all night last night working on this, but more about that later.  For now, just enjoy CelloBello–and don’t forget to check out the blog–it’s a multi-user blog with posts by some international cello stars like Yeesun Kim (of the Borromeo String Quartet with whom I’ve played a masterclass), Alicia Weilerstein and Paul Katz himself amongst many others!

Since I was up all night working on the Klingon outfit, I am literally exhausted so will get some rest and blog more tomorrow!

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