SoundCloud and a new look for the blog

SoundCloud Logo
SoundCloud Logo

So as some of you have noticed, I switched themes for the blog.  I’m not entirely sold on this one, but I wante something with a bit more color but similar functionality to the previous theme.  This was about as close as I could get.  Some things are a bit more clear in this template, but I don’t particularly like that there’s so much space in the header above.  If I ever feel inclined I might go into the template and see if I can’t modify it some, but for now it will suffice.

And Ive been toying around with SoundCloud ever since I noticed it on Tony Woodcock’s recent blog post about Pushing Boundaries.  I’ve noticed it around some sites before but it wasn’t until listening to some of the tracks he had posted by New England Conservatory students (in particular Goodbye Ben Ali by Yasmine Azalez) that I realized how it works.

Basically the track itself becomes a social networking system by allowing folks (who have an account) to make comments at specific points on the track much like how Youtube allows comments to be embedded into the videos now.

The best thing is the ability to  embed the track onto websites individually which makes it much more useful (for me) than the more traditional artist audio sites out there right now.

Here’s an excerpt I uploaded yesterday of a performance I did in 1994 of the David Ott – Concerto for Two Cellos and Orchestra

Here, an excerpt of a Jamman Looper improv I did in 1997 which I’ve subsequently titled Suruf al dahr (excerpt)

And here’s an excerpt of a more recent improv I did in real time with a digital delay from 2003, Cello improv with Digital Delay (excerpt)

If you listen to them in the order I’ve posted you have a brief look at the history of my cello playing–hah!  And I’m just now in a position to be doing all of these things plus the world music side now, so I’ve essentially come full circle and it’s very refreshing!  The links above take you directly to the tracks which have more detailed info about them.

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