Martin Berteau by Nicolas Lépicié (1735-1784)

So I mentioned that I was growing increasingly interested in the evolution of cello technique and the various cello schools in a previous post.  I’ve been researching Martin Berteau (considered the “grandfather of the cello”) the past few days (yeah, this is what I do in my free time when not teaching, performing or composing) and have managed to find a handful of articles and dissertations about him and the French Cello School.  I’m sure there are more out there.  Most likely they’re going to be in French, which gives me a good reason to brush up on my French I suppose.


And when the hell did they decide the Sammartini Sonata was actually composed by Berteau?  I must have missed the memo–or more likely, I’m still way out o the academic cello world.

This is the frustrating part as well as being half the fun.  Like a little quest for knowledge.  I should probably just start a bibliography, but at the very least I recently (earlier today) accessed my account (I had no idea they had changed the name/url from so I’ll probably be storing links there now.  Sad thing is, it seemed like a wonderful idea when I first encountered it, but I haven’t added a link since ’06 – ugh.  I had completely forgotten about it.  Not just forgotten I had an account, but forgotten the site existed until recently paying attention to share functions on websites which usually include a delicious icon.

Anyway, as some of you have noticed if you’re catching my blog from facebook that posts from way back have been popping up from time to time from my blog.  That’s because I’m slowly going back over old posts and making sure they are all tagged and then posting to the twitter feed and facebook in the process.

I’m trying to not post at least once a day (though I missed yesterday), so it may look (to facebook users) that I’ve been far more active than that, but I assure you, it takes seconds to add tags and update a post–I’m not spending my life online posting half a dozen blogposts a day (even if I do have a gazillion blogs)!  🙂

13 thoughts on “Martin Berteau & Blog Housekeeping

  1. Um, I have way too many to keep up with. I need to migrate all the posts here, or to one central location–probably back at my home page blog once I ever get that sorted out in my abundant free time! 😛

    I’m not even sure I could list them all, but I’ll try:

    My comics blog–this is what became my primary blog at one of my old websites until I exported it to a blogspot account. This is the “original” Mae Mai and the blog I was most active with previous to this one.

    Mae Mai: Comics, Orientalism, Culture and Imperialism, Comparative Neurolinguistics, and Performance Theory.

    Here’s my Comparative Neurolinguistics/Neurocognition blog. After a while it just became a place for me to store links (since I had forgotten about my delicious account–haha) as I didn’t have the time to really do what I had in the title of the blog.

    Phantoms of the Mind: A space for critical analysis and commentary on things related to comparative neurolinguistics and neurocognition.

    My regular blog before Mae Mai was a livejournal account that I only intermittently post to–was trying to cross post all these there, but that was far too much work!

    I had a blog on Comparative Logic that was supposed to be a companion blog to the Comparative Neurolinguistics/Neurocognition blog, but again, I just ended up “storing” abstracts there.

    You probably don’t want me to go on, eh? 😛


  2. haha–people ask me 1. all the time. Answer: as little as possible!

    2. Usually I have no problems sleeping when I do. I almost immediately sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.

    3. I’m still trying to catch up on all the website updating right now! 😀


  3. I’d say I would try your method then, but I can’t go without my precious sleep. Anything less than 8 solid hours and I spend the whole next day feeling drunk. And acting like it. It’s pretty awesome. You’re lucky you can get away with it! 😛


  4. I’ve been having trouble with it since 23, so count your blessings that you can still do it. I’m only 27 and my body wants 10 hours sleep a night ideally! It’s a bit ridiculous. And being drunk is far more fun than being sleep deprived! Not that I have a next best thing in mind, but it’s definitely not sleep deprivation. That’s like having only the impairments of intoxication with the feeling of being hungover.


  5. I think you’ll end up my grandfather who is 84 years young. He travels all the time and can adjust to any time zone instantly. He goes to bed in the wee hours of the morning every day and gets up at the crack of dawn ready to go. He has more energy than I ever did as a child. He’s constantly picking up new projects, new paths of learning, figuring out what’s next in his life. He figures he’s got a number of years left so he’ll see what the heck he can squeeze into them and how much he can learn in that time.


  6. I keep telling my wife that I’m never going to retire when she ever brings up retirement!

    I feel that sleep gets in the way of me learning something. I can “sleep” all I want when I’m dead! 😛


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