Tuesday Rehearsal Reflections: IU Southeast Orchestra and Mahler

Jon Silpayamanant performing with the IU Southeast Orchestra 21 November 2010

As I mentioned last Tuesday, every other week I rehearse with the IU Southeast Orchestra. Also, as I’ve mentioned last December, I had been planning on blogging extensively about Mahler.


As it stands tonight will only be my second rehearsal with the Orchestra as I was sick with the flu during one week and the previous (what would have been the first) rehearsal was canceled due to weather. I hope to get back to the blogging, but we’ll have to see if I can manage in depth blogging about Mahler while I’m currently occupied with some of the recent projects I’ve been talking about here.

Originally I wasn’t planning on often playing with the orchestra as I normally have a busy performing schedule and couldn’t set aside a weekly time just for rehearsals, but as I’m now an adjunct at IU Southeast and have arranged to have half my students on Tuesdays I figured I might as well play–granted, when I was first asked to play I was tempted if only because of the really fun repertoire the orchestra was doing for the first concert last semester. Obviously, Mahler’s first symphony falls in that category as well!

The IU Southeast Orchestra is the university ensemble as well as a community orchestra so the membership consists of students in the department of music where I teach as well as amateurs (and some professionals) in the local community. The orchestra meets every Tuesday from 7-9pm and gives two concerts per semester.

The Mahler concert (and in case anyone is wondering why they might have seen so many concerts around featuring works by Mahler this year – it is the 100th anniversary of his death) will be Sunday, 17 April 2011 at 3:00 pm and will include Mahler’s first Symphony as well as the excised former second movement from the Symphony titled “Blumine.”

So maybe, now that I am finally blogging regularly again I can at least use every other Tuesday to post my reflections on the Mahler for my Mahler Project!


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