I’ll be moving this blog to another url soon. I’ve decided that I’m just much more comfortable using Movable Type blogging software and I just don’t have the time to learn a new blog script.

The biggest issue is that over the years (well over a decade actually) I’ve been sometimes a very active blogger somewhere and I would just like a place to put all of my various blogs in one spot. I’ll have to sort out the look and ways to separate out different kinds of content since I do enjoy blogging about a wide variety of subjects. This version of Mae Mai was dedicated solely to music but the previous version was dedicated to art, illustration and comics. Always, though, with a nod toward integrating different subjects.

I’m hoping to do the move soon–and with luck it will coincide with the relaunch of my website which is sorely out of date. I will keep this one here, though–at the very least I will post a link to the new blog as a final post for this one. I know that most of my readers read the imports I have to either my facebook page or my page (which imports to my facebook profile) so it won’t really affect you folks. Till the move I may or may not post anything here but will definitely see you folks at the new and updated blog!


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