What's my primary instrument again?

As I mentioned in my previous post it looks like I might be drumming for a local Flamenco group. Yesterday I was asked to drum for a Balkan group based in Bloomington, Indiana (home to the world reknown Jacobs School of Music). For most of the past year I’ve taken over most of the drumming duties for my Arabic group, Ahel El Nagam and as I mentioned in an previous post, I got to drum for a Greek band at the Cincinnati Greek Festival back in June.

As most of you know, my principle instrument is cello. Or rather, the instrument I received the most training with happens to be the cello. So I’m finding it endlessly fascinating that I’m starting to get as many, if not more opportunities, drumming rather than celloing.

I suppose this could be disturbing, but I’ve gotten so used to different twists and turns in my musical career that I am hardly batting an eye.


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