Practice [B]log

In the interest of charting my new found obsession with practicing, I’ve decided to start a “Practice [B]log.” Basically after each practice session I will take notes on repertoire or techniques worked on as well as my thoughts about the practicing process or the music itself.

I haven’t decided whether I want it public or not–not that I care so much who sees how much I practice–but I’m not sure I’ll even have coherent sentences (or even phrases, for that matter) about my thoughts. I have so many idiomatic ways about talking about music in my head that I’m not sure much of what I post would make any sense to anyone other than me.

For now, I’ll keep it private though maybe in the future it will go public. I don’t think I’ve quite come across anything like this (as far as the full content of blogs go; individual blog posts, maybe) so I might look around to see what might be out there just to see how other people are presenting things.

It’d kinda weird getting a little upset if it’s been more than a few hours since I’ve last touched the cello and I really don’t know exactly what the motivation is so maybe some thoughts about that will go in the Practice [B]log, or maybe even in this one.


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